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Hawaiin Themed 2 Tier 80th Birthday

Pink 3 Tiered Fleur Di Lis Choc Mud Cake For Courney's 21st


A Sorbet Of Colours Abound This 21st Topsy Turvy 21st Red Velvet

Chocolate Mud Cake For Katrina

Hearts & Butterflies 1st Birthday Cake For Anshi

Sherry's 40th Dancing Dolphins Freestanding Ball Chocolate Mud Cake

Sexy Martini Glass Girl With iphone, & High Heel

Freestanding Ball Cake

Eva's Repunzel Dolly Varden Chocolate Mud Cake

Stephen's Favourite Ford 40th Birthday Chocolate Mud Cake

Basket Ball Themed Chocolate Mud Cake For Mathew

Castle Cakes

Louboutin Shoe & Shoe Box

Lynnie's Esky Full Of Carona's 50th Mud Cake

Darrens Casino Royale Stacked Mud Cake

Mamamia It's Your Birthday, Abba Inspired Cake For A Singer

AFL Football Mud Cake For Sean's 40th

Brisbane Lions, Wests Tigers, & Churchie Football Chocolate Mud Cakes

Boob Mud Cake For Tom

Trains, Planes, & Auotmobiles For Ethan

Nicholas' 21st Birthday Presents Cake

Jungle Themed Number One

4 Tiered Thatched Roof Dora Castle

Ava's Baby Blanky' In A Cake

Baby Orangatang Themed Gnached Cake

Muscle Arm Mud Cake

Nikon Camera Cake For Kirsty

Purple & White Bomboniere Cake Filled With Sugared Almonds

Black & White Striped Mud Cake

Classic Ivory Wedding Cake


Pink, Pink, Pink, Stripes & Polka Dots Mud Cake

Spongebob Square Pants Mud Cake


Cocktail Cupcakes Anyone

Black & White Animal Print Themed Masquerade Freestanding Cake

Cocktail Glass Girl

Sean's Pure Blondes In An Esky

Blackjack Time For Eric

3D Blackjack Table

Winnie The Pooh & Friends Party For Mantej

Chicken Little

Anna's Eiffle Tower Themed Cake

Paris & The Eiffle Tower Awaits For Anna

Wiggles Themed 3 Tiered Wimsical Topsy Turvy Mud Cake

Wake Up Jeoff                    Wags The Dog

Dorothy The Dinosaur          Henry The Octopus

Bouzouki Mud Cake For Mihali "Yes This Is 100% Edible"

Hot Pink Mini Mud Cakes & 6" Cutting Cake.

Lukas' Cheeky Monkey Cake

Transformers Bumblebee Cake For Ezra

Rebeccas' Extremely Large 21st Cake

Tammys' Masquerade Cake

Fairy Princess Castle

The Little Mermaid Dolly Varden Cake.

Kobi's Thomas The Tank Cake

Magnolia 2 Tiered Mud Cake

8" 3 Tiered Dolly Varden Fairy Mud Cake Fit For Princess Johannis

Thando Was Blown Away By His Tank Cake

A Sweet 16 Surprise For Karlii.

Ashwins' Special Birthday Wish,

He's Always Wanted An Acoustic Guitar.

A Very Special Day For A Very Specail Boy, Nate's Baptism

The Electric Guitar Ken Has Always Wanted, & He Even Got A Blue One.

African Themed 70th Birthday Surprise For A Very Special Person

Charli's Smurfette Birthday. 'Just because you are 40 Doesn't Mean

You Can't Be A Kid At Heart.'


A Smaller Version On The Farm Animals Cake For Lakshmi

Graduating Into The Police Force, Was No Small Task,

Hence The Reward Of This Cake.

A 30th Birthday Cake For A Country Girl With A Heart

Happy 16th Birthday Cake

Ford XW GT Replica. This Is A Cake!!..

ATopsy Turvy 40th Birthday

Jona's All Blacks Jersy Mud Cake

An Island Themed 21st Freestanding Cake

All The Fun Of The Fair, Circus Cake

Always Wanted A Yaught, But Couldn't Afford It,

Well This Is The Next Best Thing

OMG I'm 75 Years Old Mud Cake

Two Tiered Booby Mud Cake

Rini's Mid Summers Night Dream Cake

Allegra's Disney Princess Castle All Made Of Sugar

Si's Ferryboat Fred 21st Cake

Mackenzie's Beanie Princess

Ash's Tapping 18th Birthday Cake

GT 40 For Alan's 21st

Red Angry Bird Does What Red Angry Bird does 

Make-up Girls!!

Wendy's Auspicious 33rd Birthday,

On The 11th Of The 11th Of The 11th Which = 33yrs Old 

An Engagement Cake For M&M

'The Wedding Party'

All Hand Made Of Sugar



Their Little Boy

& Their Little Daughter


An Extra Big Pirate Ship


Drinks Anyone!!!!

Martini Glass Girl

Daniele's Baby Dragon Cake

Jono's KFC Bucket Of Original

A Super Mario Wedding

Mona's Very Special Birthday

Richie's First Birthday Surprise

Cupcakes For Richie

Circus Themed Birthday Cake

Circus Carriage For Haivyn

Haivyn's Flagged Circus Cake   

Haivyn's Sweet Merry-Go-Round

Paitons' Abby Cadabby Birthday

Tare Bear Pandas' For Jasper

Emma's High Heeled Blue Jimmy Choo Shoe Chocolate Mud Birthday Cake

Liam's Real Life Sized Spot The Puppy Cake

Troy's Team Vodafone Super V8 Race Car Chocolate Mud Cake

Ella's Pretty As A Princess Two Tiered Thatched RoofChocolate Mud Cake Castle

Two Tier Hello Kitty White Mud Cake

Two Tiered Hello Kitty Mud Cake With A Difference

Lightning McQueen Mud Cake

Stavros's White & Dark Chocolate Tiered Mud Christening Cake

A Nike First Birthday Mud Cake

Two Christenings In One Bible Cake

Old Time, New Age Scooter For Corey


Maddi's Ariel Themed Mud Cake

Shreya's Present Mud Cake, & Other Birthday Present Mud Cake

Sania's 8" Dolly Varden Mud Cake

Makai's Cars Cake

Coopers Dinosaur Marbled Mud Cake

Hudson's Yummy White Mud Cake Train Of Goodies

A Hilux 4WD Chocolate Mud Cake For The Boys

Caleb's Thomas Train White Mud Cake

Mitch's Loves To Flex, Mud Cake

Francis's Broncos 21st Theme

Mel's 21st Kitty Fantasy Cake 

Kinden's Racing Adventure

Charlotte's 1st Fairy Birthday Party

Williams' Guitar Mud Cake

Jaydon's Call Of Duty 'Black Ops'


Nicholas's Dragon, The Protector Of Camelot

Chocolate Mud Cake & Fondant Dragon. 100% Edible


Katherines Stairways To The Stars 

Carols 60th Fruit Cake

Sebastians Pirate Adventure Mud Cake



Dan's Old With New Music Themed Mud Cake

Lomas's Nike Sandshoes Mud Cake, & Yes, The Shoes Are All Cake!

Mickey Thompson 4 Wheel Drive Tyre Mud Cake

Liams Baptism Mud Cake

'Forever Together' Poo & Tigger

Rainbow Mud Cake

21st Glitter Petal's Dolly Varden

5 Tier Stacked Christening Mud Cake With Handmade Edible Fondant Baby. 

Chloe's Little Pony Cake


3D Nivea Corporate Dark Chocolate Mud Cake.

Amira's White Chocolate Mud Dolly Varden Cake


Corporate Topsy Turvey Cake

Funky 40th Birthday Cake

Jimmy Choo Funky Shoe


Down On Riley's Farm

Kung Fu Panda For Misi.

This Is A Huge Cake, The Panda Sits Just Over 1 Foot Tall, & The Base Cake Is A 12" Round Cake.

The Whole Cake Is Fully Edible, Panda & All.

Fairy Princess Matilda's 1st Birthday Cake

Tiffany & Co Cake

A Carpenters Work Cake

Carlies' Winter Wonderland 21st Birthday Cake

Graces Dolly Varden Cake

Bottle In An Esky 2 x 10" Stacked Mud Cakes

Bob The Builder Mud Cake


'My Cup Runneth Over' With This Bustier, Mud Cake

Matt's Co-Workers, Really Surprised Him With This Cake.

She's In The Navy, 21st  Chocolate Mud Cake



Corset Chocolate Mud Cake for Helena 

Colts Baby Dragon 'Puff'

Masquerade Cake

Double Thickness 3 Tier Disney Princess Castle Cake.

'Gordo's' Brittish Flag Cake

Artists Pallette

Dolly Varden Fairy Chocolate Mud Cakes

White Down On The Farm With Aria, Dark Chocolate Mud Cake, With Fondant Baby Animals

Pony,  Spot The Dog,  Piglets, Tom The Cat,  Moooooo Cows,  Sheeeeeep,  Ducklings Are A Swimming.

4 Layered, 2 Tiered Mud Cake, With Hand Crafted Fondant Animal Figure

10" Layered Mud Cake

Mid-Air Free Standing 2 Tiered, 4 Layered Mud Cakes. Everything Is Made Of Sugar Fondant. (Everything)


From Tummy To Mummy Baby Shower Cake

Individually Decorated Chocolate Cupcakes, With A Very Special, Individually Decorated Cupcake For The Birthday Girl.

3 Tier Disney Princess Castle Cake. A Very Special Cake For Any Princess.


2 Tier 11" Record Player Cake, For The Music Lover

Three Tier Stacked Chocolate Mud Torte 'Show Girls Cake'


Two Tier White Chocolate, & Dark Chocolate Mud Torte 'Tatoo Cake'

Three Double Tier Mud Cake 'Garden Tea'

Three Tier Square 'Topsy Tervy' Mud Cake

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