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About Peggy


Peggy has always had an artistic flare, most of her work has been self taught, but there has been times when she has needed some advice and lessons from others, always eager to learn more & more she advanced her skills & knowledge from learner to Artisan. But, being as creative as she is, she has always set the benchmark for new designs & ideas, where others follow, & are asking her for advice. She has had many admirers of her work, and has won in competitions with some of her designs, not only in Jewellery Design. She has won awards for 1st, & 2nd, in ceramics, does cake decorting & has made the most beautiful mosaic murals, designs most experienced artists would shy away from. You will need to view her website, from time to time, so you can see her latest creations. Some of her best work was created on a whim, & there are many pieces of paper floating around with little scribbles, that aspire to be great creations of Peggy. A lot of her work caters for Weddings, Formals and Other Special Occasions. From Invitations & Card Making, Giftware, Decorations, Bomboniere, & Corture Bridal & Formal Wear, Costume Jewellery With Absolutely The Most Gorgeous Swarovski Crystals & Other Precious & Semi-Precious Stones, Made For All The Members Of The Bridal Party, Including The Parents & The Best Men's Button Holes, Featuring Her Exclusive Hand Made Swarovski Crystal Bouquets & Corsages, Yes, you read it right, "All Crystal Bouquets", They are Her Specialty. Her Bouquets Are Not Like Other Bouquets You Have Seen To Date, They Are A Work Of Art In Their Own Right, Precious Enough, To Be An Heirloom Destined To Be Handed Down From Generation, To Generation. All her pieces are speacially Designed, and Handmade, some are made to measure, depending on the situation, you may like a particular item, but in a different colour, or maybe you would like more than one of an item, so you could have all the same jewellery for your special occassion, what ever the situation she can cater for your individual needs, using only the best quality materials. Featuring Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Checkoslovakian and Austrian Crystals, and Precious Freshwater Pearls and Semi-Precious Stones. You can have a choice of various metals you may wish to have, but keep in mind, the cost varies from plated to pure, especially for those who are budget concious, she offers this choice of pure or plated. She has in some cases, & only when requested, used AAA grade Chinese crystals, for people who have a certain budget. They may not be Swarovski, but they are a good alternative, if price is an option. Keep on checking on this web site, as this product is fairly new, and there are new Crystal beads and pendants being introduced to the range all the time. And for the Beader at heart, she also has a range of beading supplies, beading magazines, books & tools. If you live in the Brisbane area, she will soon have a studio, where you to come in & have a look around, it will truely delight you, Real Eye Candy.

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